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On this blog I’m writing  about motorcycle trips I’m taking or have taken in the past.  I have ridden on 4 continents so far but maybe I’ll make it to Australia one of these days?  I’ll also write something on other subjects that I find interesting and worthwhile to post.

A little bit about myself…

I started motorcycling late in life around the age of 50.  I got really hooked and within a couple of years I was doing road racing at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia.  I was living in Singapore so the distance to the circuit is fairly short at 350 kms.  I did that for several years but figured out I’d reached my limit and that I would not go any faster.  So I gave up racing but continued to do track days and started doing more traveling by motorcycle with several trips to Malaysia and Thailand. 

In 2012 I moved to Houston, Texas where I lost interest in motorcycling for a while but then in 2016 I rediscovered the pleasure of riding again and have done several trips.  In 2018 I moved back to Singapore and that’s where I’m living now.




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Purple Route – Circling the Rocky Mountains

While living in Houston, Texas, I did this trip of close to 4000 miles on my Triumph Trophy taking in some beautiful scenery including Grand Canyon and Yellow Stone national parks.  Devil’s tower and the four US presidents hewn into the rocks at Mount Rushmore came towards the end of the trip.  I passed through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Read all about the trip at:  Western USA 4600 mile roundtrip

Orange Route – Big Bend National Park and Carlsbad Caverns

The park is located in the far south of Texas with the Rio Grande in the south being the border with Mexico and around and 600 miles from Houston.  The landscape of the park is mountainous and very dry.   I went through Fredericksburg, a quaint, German wannabe town and the famous Texas roads called the Twisted Sisters on the way to Big Bend.  After a few days at the park I rode to Carlsberg and went down in the the amazing caverns.  A short but beautiful trip! Big Bend

Red Route – Northern Mexico

It was with some trepidation that I set off for Mexico with stories of drug cartels arbitrarily killing or kidnapping unsuspecting tourists.  However, it turned out to be a great trip and I didn’t feel threatened at any time, either on the road or in the towns.  The towns, oh yes, they are very different from towns in the US, with nice squares and cathedrals in the center and with lots of people milling about.

Read more about the trip at:  Mexico

Pink Route – Bogota to Buenos Aires along the Andes

I was reading a blog from Lonestar on the forum and it got me thinking about doing this trip.  I had never done anything this ambitious before but I decided to do the trip and ship my motorcycle from Houston to Bogota and then ride south along the Andes mountain range and cross over through Bolivia and Argentina to Buenos Aires and ship the bike back to Houston from there.  OK, things didn’t quite go as planned but it turned out to be a fantastic trip.  See more about this exciting trip at Bogota to Buenos Aires.

Blue Route –  Epic trip from Singapore to London through Tibet

After my South American trip I knew I had to do another trip and after our move to Singapore it seemed like a trip to Europe along the Himalayas through the Stans and Russia would take in some amazing scenery and cultural places and also be quite a challenge riding close to 20,000 km.  So I found a company that would organize the ride through China since you can’t ride through that country on your own, and got the visas required for other parts of the trip and set off the last day of April. 

At the beginning of the trip temperatures reached 40 degrees in Thailand making for a hot passage while later in the Tibetan high plateau temperatures got as low as -10C!  The trip turned out as epic as I thought it would be and, perhaps, the highlight of the trip was being at the Mount Everest base camp for one night.  Read more about this epic trip: Singapore to London

Brown Route – South America 24

South in South America from Valparaiso to Ushuaia. South America 24










Various rides in Scandinavia

Scandinavia – Read more